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      DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD was founded in 1979 in Britain, founded in 2005 in KoreaPearl Club, is a global leader in adhesives. DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD professional is committed to providing customers with efficient, safe, environmental protection, chemicalproducts and in silicone rubber, electronic yellow glue, yellow glue, white glue, halogen-freeplastic horn, conformal coating, adhesive, adhesive, anaerobic adhesive, glue, UV mirror, PURstructural adhesive, slag binding agent, dispensing machine, anti-static products and other fields, providing solutions for customers all aspects.

      DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL LTD CO., since its establishment 30 years, insist on adhering to the "customer first, refine on" spirit of enterprise, and our creative R & D engineers in industryknowledge and experience, so that we can continue to provide more innovative products of high quality and global reputation. Product has been widely used in industry, machinery, power supply, battery charger, electronic, electrical, communications, automotive, aerospace and other fields.

      Today (2008) DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD came to Chinese established Shenzhen Daxingadhesive Limited by Share Ltd, we adhere to the "customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of" the purpose, to provide our customers with first-class products and quality service. DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD's business network all over the country more than 10 area,there are more than 800 outstanding employees, the company has obtained ISO9001,ISO14001 management system certification.

      We provide you with not only quality products, as your partner, we will use our wealth of knowledge and experience, the technology development and production during your working side-by-side with you: from product design, development, manufacturing process, testing,process design and optimization are providing solutions to all aspects of the for you, to help youimprove the product quality and production efficiency, reduce costs, expand the market, a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to new and old customers to negotiate patronage!

      Big heart DAEHEUNG is DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., a registered trademark of LTD.

      English Company: Phone: 0044-2084-323-088 Fax: 0044-2084-323-088
      Chinese Company: Phone: 0755-61118888 Fax:0755-66611128
      Big heart DAEHEUNG (China) dealers to join Hotline: Tel:0755-61118888Fax: 0755-66611128
      Copyright ◎ 2012 Shenzhen Shi Daeheung Adhesive L Co, Ltd. filing license number: 粵ICP備14075849號

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