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    1. Hot Keywords :Dispensing Equipment|Epoxy glue|Thermal Series|Silicone Series
      Hot Products

      Find your side of the Daxing sticky adhesive franchised dealer

      DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD in order to better serve our customers, according to the marketing environment and business development needs, set up franchise. We cooperate with dealers, Tai Hing company's high-quality products and promotion solutions.

      If you want to identify the authenticity of the dealer, or want to know more information for a dealer, you can query through the  tft168@sztft.cn

      The national dealer distribution diagram

      The national dealer information query:

      Example:Query Guangzhou NetEase, simply enter "NetEase"

      Query Results:
      English Company: Phone: 0044-2084-323-088 Fax: 0044-2084-323-088
      Chinese Company: Phone: 0755-61118888 Fax:0755-66611128
      Big heart DAEHEUNG (China) dealers to join Hotline: Tel:0755-61118888Fax: 0755-66611128
      Copyright ◎ 2012 Shenzhen Shi Daeheung Adhesive L Co, Ltd. filing license number: 粵ICP備14075849號

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