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    1. Hot Keywords :Dispensing Equipment|Epoxy glue|Thermal Series|Silicone Series
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      On DAEHEUNG company new product launch Release time: 2017-9-25Browse times:【3347】 【Print】【Back

      DAEHEUNG CHEMICAL CO., LTD from 05 2013 28 officially listed DX-910 silica gel, good quality, good price, new and old customers return.

      The characteristics of the product

      DX-910 (flame retardant adhesive) is a kind of one component room temperature curing adhesive, white / black paste, insulation good, good adhesion. Damp proof, earthquake, corona resistant, heat conduction, anti leakage. Ceramic products and glue adhesion to metal and most plastic good, cured with anti hot and cold alternating Performance Excellence (-50 to 200 DEG C), sealing adhesive is especially suitable for small electronic components and circuit boards, compared with general silicone adhesive to the substrate, and has excellent adhesion, moisture-proof performance and excellent the flame retardant properties.

      Typical applications

      1, for the power supply and the ceramic products then and filling sealing, electrical and electronic components fixed and flame retardant, insulation waterproof seal.

      2, other various flame retardant sealing purposes.

      English Company: Phone: 0044-2084-323-088 Fax: 0044-2084-323-088
      Chinese Company: Phone: 0755-61118888 Fax:0755-66611128
      Big heart DAEHEUNG (China) dealers to join Hotline: Tel:0755-61118888Fax: 0755-66611128
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