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    1. Hot Keywords :Dispensing Equipment|Epoxy glue|Thermal Series|Silicone Series
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        UV glue series
      UV glue DX-352

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      Single-component, high viscosity structural adhesive. Exposure to UV light, or under heating using a surface active agent will cure hypoxia. After curing, it becomes tough and easy to bend, it has excellent vibration resistance and impact resistance. 


      High viscosity, tough flexible, resistant to shock and vibration. 

      Extensive adhesive material may be ultraviolet or activator, or both, when use of ultraviolet curable within a few seconds. 

      1 Typical curing characteristics of this product is cured under UV light at a wavelength of 365nm. To 
      Want to make the surface exposed to the air completely cured, but also need to 250nm wavelength UV light 
      Shoot. Curing speed depends on the product surface exposure to ultraviolet light intensity.

      2 heat curing 
      DX-352 product to be heat cured. Bonding area should be heated to 121 ° C 
      And maintained at this temperature for 30 minutes. 30. 
      3 activator Cure 
      The big heart activator DX-7075 was coated on one surface of the adhesive material 
      Product DX-352 was coated on the other surface of the adhesive material, with the clamp, and 
      . If the gap is small, about four minutes after the adhesive pieces can reach plus 
      Industrial strength, fully cured after 72 hours. 


      Packing: 30ML 1L bottle 

      Key Substrates: metal, glass 

      Color: Clear, amber 

      Viscosity (mPa.s): 14,000 / 25,000 

      Curing Type: UV 

      Hardness (Shore): D60 

      Elongation%: 340 

      Bonding of electronic equipment, instruments and decorative elements.
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