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    1. Hot Keywords :Dispensing Equipment|Epoxy glue|Thermal Series|Silicone Series
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        UV glue series
      UVGLUE DX-326

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      Product Name: Big heart DX-326 plastic and metal bonding agent

      ■ Features:
      DX-326 is a low viscosity UV and visible light curing modified acrylic adhesive, high strength, good flexibility, used in plastics such as PC, PMMA, PVC, ABS, PS, etc. or mutual self-stick, but also for plastics and metal, plastic and glass bonding.

      ■ Key performance indicators:


      Index description


      Pale transparent liquid




      Brookfield DV-Ⅱ viscometer, 25 ℃, SC 4-15 rotor

      Hardness (Shore D)


      Curing Test

      Elongation at break%


      Curing Test

      ■ Typical cured properties:
      DX-326 will be cured under ultraviolet light, the sun will slowly solidified. 220-260nm surface light source helps cure. Cure rates, and ultimately curing depth effect and ultraviolet light source is dry, light time, material transmittance rate. Recommended by experiment to determine the final curing process.

      ■ Positioning time:
      6s -125W PHILIPS high-pressure fluorescent lamp, 4.5 mW / cm2 UVA 3mm thick PMMA / PMMA

      ■ Typical cured properties:
      Tensile-shear strength (GB 7124-86) overlapped area of 25 × 5 = 125mm2: PS / PS, 4 ~ 5MPa are PS destroyed 30 ℃

      ■ Instructions for use:
      A clean glue, adhesive bonding surface to be dust before, degreasing, drying, to determine the amount needed dispensing
      2, the temperature-sensitive material such as thermoplastic materials require a cooling device
      3, for the curing of plastic material to be examined, to prevent the liquid and the material stress cracks
      4, the excess can be wiped to remove excess glue
      5, using the remaining glue not fall back to the original packaging to avoid contamination
      6, when the temperature is below 20 ° C using the first substrate is preferably preheated to between 30 degrees to 35 degrees, to ensure that the adhesive force

      ■ Note:
      Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. This pair of eyes and skin, slight irritation. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water, as there does not need to go to hospital for examination. Rinse immediately with soap and water after skin contact. Please wash the clothes can be worn after contact. Do not allow contact with children.

      ■ Storage: This product is sensitive to light and heat, you need to store in a cool, dry place, away from light, below 28 ℃, valid for one year.

      ■ Packaging Specifications: 50ML / support or 250ML / bottle packaging

      English Company: Phone: 0044-2084-323-088 Fax: 0044-2084-323-088
      Chinese Company: Phone: 0755-61118888 Fax:0755-66611128
      Big heart DAEHEUNG (China) dealers to join Hotline: Tel:0755-61118888Fax: 0755-66611128
      Copyright ◎ 2012 Shenzhen Shi Daeheung Adhesive L Co, Ltd. filing license number: 粵ICP備14075849號

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